Obtaining Your Transcripts



Update:  If you did not receive your GED through the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy and are not enrolled in high school but would like to take your GED through another school district, you may print off the MYCA GED Waiver Letter that will enable you to do so.

** Get GED Waiver here **

free for three months after graduation, $5.00 per transcript after three months are available through

Cycle 28 and prior Cycles (Graduating class of December 2013 and prior)

Battle Creek Public Schools

Student Services Office

3 W. Van Buren Street

Battle Creek, MI  49017

Phone: (269) 965-9482
Fax:  269-660-5830

Cycle 29 and After  (Beginning with Graduating Class July 2014)

Marshall Public Schools

Marshall, MI  49068

Phone: (517) 629-9421, Ext. 7100

FAX:  (517) 630-3305

Upon completion of the MYCA, all cadets receive the following:

Mathematics:               0.5 credits
English:                       0.5 credits

Social Studies:             0.5 credits
Science:                      0.5 credits

Basic Computer Skills   0.5 credits

    Literary Investigations  0.5 credits  *
Vocational Education:   1.5 credits
4 acquired credits

 * Class 30 (January 2014) and forward does not receive Literary Investigations credit.



are available through:

Michigan Dept of Labor
Attn: GED Testing
201 Washington Victor Bldg
Lansing, MI  48913
Phone:  (517) 373-1692
Fax:  (517) 335-3461

If you passed the GED, your scores will be mailed to you at the address you provided the MYCA at the time of your registration.

If you moved, you must track down your scores if you did not update your address with the MYCA.

If you failed the GED, you will not be notified.  You must fill out a “Request for Transcript” form.

 Notice:  Graduates who did not receive their GED through MYCA may obtain their GED in another school district.  Please see the GED Waiver Form


Kellogg Community College

450 North Avenue
Battle Creek, MI  49017
(269) 965-4129

Physical Education                            Prin. Fitness & Health                         PEHL 140              2 S.H.

Physical Education                            Health & Hygiene                               PEP 293               2 S.H.

Physical Education                            Independent Physical Training            PEP 296                2 S.H.

Physical Education                            Gen. Physical Education                     PE 189                  2 S.H.

Business Mgt. BUAD                          Job Skills                                         BUAD 100             3 S.H.

Office Info. Tech. OIT                       CIS Keyboarding                              OIT 109                 2 S.H.

Office Info. Tech. OIT                       CIS Microsoft Office                          OIT 160                 3 S.H.

Service Learning  Experiential           Experiential Cr.                                 SERV 200             3 S.H.

Human Services                               Nutrition                                           HUSE 230             3 S.H.


I understand that the course(s) and grade(s) for each articulated course entered below will become a part of my Kellogg Community College academic record once I have successfully completed the requirements established by the High School/Career Center and Kellogg Community College. Submission of the required documenta­tion must be received within 26 months of High School graduation to be applied. I further understand that to articulate credit, I must meet the minimum requirement of a grade of “B” or above, and meet the competencies agreed upon by the Tech Prep Articulation Committee.